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Nekter Fundraiser

October 27th

1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


From October 10 through November 10, Huntington Seacliff Elementary will be holding a Box Tops contest!  Simply purchase and clip Box Tops (see boxtops4education.com for a complete list of participating products), and send them to your child's class.  The top class that collects the MOST Box Tops for each grade level will win a classroom Popsicle party!!!


Box Tops provides the funds that support PE and recess equipment for Seacliff Elementary.


Please help support our school! 


If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Coyne at debcoyne2003@yahoo.com.


October 2016

Homework Tips

Homework has been a part of education for as long as almost anyone can remember. Whether the assignment is math problems to practice in the evening or a take-home project for the entire family to complete, students and parents recognize homework as a necessary and important part of education and learning. In the early grades, homework can help children to develop good study habits and positive attitudes. From the primary through upper grades, homework will support improved school achievement. In seventh grade and beyond, students who complete more homework score better on standardized tests and earn better grades, on the average, than do students who do less homework. The difference in test scores and grades between students who do more homework and those who do less increases as students move up through the grades. Children need to know that their family members think homework is important. When they know their families cares, children have a good reason to complete assignments and to turn them in on time.

You can do many things to show your child that you value education and homework:

Teach your child organization. Find a time, at meals perhaps, to discuss what needs to be done in the day or evening ahead. Together create a weekly or monthly calendar. Then, each day, prioritize a list of projects. Check these off as they are completed.

Design a study schedule to match your child’s learning style. Some students perform best in the evening before dinner. Others work well in the wee hours of the morning. Collaborate to identify which time will be most productive; then, periodically reexamine your choice to verify its validity.

Find your child’s best study spot. Some youngsters work best in noisy kitchens. Others find special quiet corners superb.

What about distractions? Again, this is a child-by-child decision. One child may work best with the stereo blasting, totally ignoring the antics of their little brother, while another may actually perform better with the TV on. Most children, however, do better in distraction-free environments, with limited extraneous noise. Most children prefer clutter-free desktops, with convenient writing materials and references.

What do you tackle first – the tough stuff or the fun assignments? Usually cognitively demanding tasks – reading and math work, writing assignments, should be pursued early on. Less taxing homework like artwork should be finished later. Some children may need to intersperse challenges with more intrinsically motivating work.

Avoid the homework trap. Don’t do your child’s homework. Too often parents, in an effort to help, end up prodding their youngsters along, coaxing at every five minute interval. Identify what your child can do, develop a clear study goal and ensure that your child understands his/her assignment.

Set up a time schedule that works. Last minute cramming is unlikely to yield real accomplishments.

It is great to praise your child for efforts and achievements. It is still better to help students evaluate and relish their own accomplishments. Children who put forth effort and actually achieve become self-starters.

At the start of the school year, ask your child’s teacher about any rules or guidelines that children are expected to follow as they complete homework. Ask about the kinds of assignments that will be given and the purposes for the assignments.

It is usually a good idea to check to see that your child has finished their assignments. Look over completed assignments.

Homework forges a vital connection between students’ in-school efforts and their at-home activities. Provide the support your child needs, then prepare to share in his/her success.

Thank you for your continued support as we work together as a team.


Gregg Haulk

HBCSD Superintendent 




7 8:05 a.m. Coffee Talk with Principal & PTA / 8:30 a.m. PTA Executive Board Meeting

10 Columbus Day -  Is a School Day 

13 Parents of Prospective GATE Students Meeting

20 Harvest Festival

24 Red Ribbon Week

24-28 Conference week

      25 Planning Day

      26 Conference Day (School Closed)

      27 Planning Day & Nekter Fundraiser

31 Halloween

Spirit Wear Store

2016-2017 Important Dates


7 8:05 a.m. Coffee Talk with Principal & PTA / 8:30 a.m. PTA Executive Board Meeting

11 Columbus Day - Is a School Day

13 Parents of Prospective GATE Students

20 Harvest Festival

24 Red Ribbon Week

24-28 Conference week

25 Planning Day

26 Conference Day (School Closed)

27 Planning Day

31 Halloween


11 Veterans Day (School Closed)

21-25 Thanksgiving Recess (School Closed)


Close of 1st Trimester

19 to January 2, 2017 Winter Recess (School Closed)


3 Return from Winter Recess 

16 MLK Holiday (School Closed)


13 Lincoln's Birthday (School Closed)

20 President's Day (School Closed)


17 Close of 2nd Trimester


17-21 Spring Recess (School Closed)


29 Memorial Day (School Closed)


23 End of 3rd Trimester, Last day of School, Planning Day





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