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Early Childhood Education

Learning Link - for families with children 0-5 years of age

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Huntington Beach City School District 

Learning Link


Our Vision:

The vision of the Learning Link is to work in partnership with our community to provide enriched and engaging

opportunities for children and families to grow and develop together.


Toward our vision, we believe:

…all children are competent, capable, and intrinsically motivated learners

…a child’s family members are their primary, and continuous educators


…children and adults learn through active and engaged participation in meaningful

and relevant experiences


…collaboration and reflection are important tools in the development of authentic

partnerships with children and families


For questions, please contact Jenn Kinkel at 714.962.3348 ext. 2335 or by email at


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Preschool Academy

Preschool Academy Overview

The Preschool Academy program is designed to invite children into the world of learning using the California State Preschool Foundation as a catalyst for all areas – social, emotional, physical, and cognitive.  Our goal is to nurture and enrich a child's total development and provide a solid literacy and mathematical foundation to create the building blocks for life-long learning. 

We Believe:

  • Children have enormous potential and curiosity.
  • Children benefit from intentional, age-appropriate instruction.
  • Children deserve a challenging, enriching learning environment.
  • An academic program integrating the arts is an excellent vehicle for creating such an environment.

Location: Eader, Peterson and Perry Elementary Schools.  Hours:  Monday through Friday (5 days), Monday, Wednesday, Friday (3 days), Tuesday and Thursday (2 days). All sessions begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 1:00 p.m.

For questions, please contact:
Preschool Academy - Huntington Beach City School District (HBCSD)


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THINK Together offers a FREE program for children 3-5 years of age. Learn More!

Preschool Neighborhood Friends

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Preschool Neighborhood Friends learn alongside peers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and other special needs, in a structured, positive, and nurturing setting taught by high quality staff.  In each classroom, the staff includes a credentialed special education teacher and three applied behavior analysis (ABA) trained instructional assistants. 

The staff uses best practices and research-based methodology for early childhood education.

There is a small student to staff ratio and students participate in whole group, small group, and individualized learning opportunities.

Students acquire foundational kindergarten readiness skills as they develop learning to learn, social, language, and behavior management skills. Learn More!